Result Oriented Solutions, Inc. will provide experienced & professional consulting and project services to our customers in order to achieve cost effective business process improvement through the automation and integration of new or existing internal systems with Imaging, Workflow, Document Management & Records Retention applications.


Our goal is to assist our customers and clients in achieving significant results quickly through Rapid Application Deployment while at the same time providing durable and flexible applications that are adaptable and re-usable to meet the needs of our ever changing environment.


Result Oriented Solutions history and experience in design, planning & execution provide the highest levels of confidence for successful, on-time completions of projects with the lowest amount of risk to corporations, managers and shareholders.


"Resource Optimization and Force Multiplication" as primary design criteria will provide more efficient, flexible and durable solutions better satisfying current and future needs

In our business, Results are what counts!
With over 30 years experience in Business Process Improvement and more than 18 years specifically devoted to Electronic Content Management (ECM), Result Oriented Solutions, Inc. has accumulated a wealth of experience across a wide variety of industries delivering a host of applications to government and commercial enterprises.

When it comes to conceiving and deploying sophisticated ECM processes in todays task intensive and tight economic climate,  "Been There, Done That" means something.  "Doing It Right The First Time" is not a slogan at Result Oriented Solutions, its a habit.

Here are a few comments for your review.
As Director of Tax Compliance for Ryder Truck Rental, Inc., I worked closely with Bill Johnson and his team on the Design, Development, Test and Implementation of a unique end to end Document Image and Workflow system which supports the processing of over 600,000 tax documents monthly.  During the course of our work, I found Bill to be knowledgeable, innovative, resourceful, and resolved with great leadership skills.  The system, developed in 2001, is still in use in 2008 and enabled Ryder to significantly improve the efficiency and timeliness of our tax reporting process.

Donna M. Burch
Senior Director - Tax Compliance

The City of Reno, Nevada ultilized Bill Johnson as a technology and process flow expert in designing, building and implementing our City-Wide electronic records solution.  This solution includes native electronic records, document management, image capture and content management.  We included workflow solutions and a very robust software platform to support our many diverse and function rich applications in support of a progressive municipality's drive to E-Governance.  Bill's innovative thinking, team-oriented attitude & actions and tremendous spirit of cooperation led to a very successful project and set of solutions.  This Certified Records Manager will look forward to working with Bill again.

Steven D. Whitaker
Director - Records Systems
City of Reno

**Editors Note:  Mr. Whitaker has quite a pedigree when it comes to Records & Information Management. He is a Past-President of the Charlotte-Piedmont Chapter of ARMA. Mr. Whitaker also served on the Board of the Institute of Certified Records Managers in several capacities: Regent of Public Relations & Professional Development and Legislation & Appeals to name a few.

As a major Financial Institution with Global components our infrastructure is complex and very control oriented.  Bill became very knowledgeable of our complex infrastructures and control focus.

Bill & his team were able to take ScotiaBank from startup of an Electronic Document Management System and help us grow our productivity and efficiency. Bill and the team were there to help us with the macro and the micro issues in growing a system.  We found him to be most knowledgeable and his objectives were always in sync with ours.
We went from 'Baby Steps' to become a sophisticated user of many facets of the processes, including, COLD/ERM, document scanning, faxing and a little workflow.  From all of this we were able to improve productivity significantly, (over 30 million pages annually not printed, over 10gb of report processing per day, 60-75% productivity improvement in document handling).   This came about because our use of the systems became more sophisticated. 

A lot of that growth was the result of guidance and suggestions of Bill and his team.  They encouraged, suggested and directed us in learning and using all of the tools.  When our focus was in the wrong place they were often able to guide us back to the proper focus.  They were also very hands on when the need arose for detailed support and problem solving, either remotely or onsite.  We always found them to be most  responsive to our wellbeing and needs.

One of the key benefits we enjoyed with Bill was his ability to represent us and advocate for us when needed with the vendors and related companies.  This covered problem solving, making the case for special considerations, making the right contacts for us in the firms when needed and recommending the appropriate supplier for any particular need we had.

Ben Dunne
Director - Strategic Support, Administration and Financial Reporting
Global Wholesale Services Group